KDP lending Library for amazon prime members review and advice

Advice on the lending library for prime members. This video is for readers and writers.

8 Responses to KDP lending Library for amazon prime members review and advice

  1. CarrollsKitchen says:

    In the first 5 days when you let people view the book for free do you get a
    part of the KDP funds? So would it be worth my time to get as many people
    to view the book for free because I will make something every time the book
    is downloaded?

  2. Jesse Jamison says:

    Great vid.

  3. KelPollardtv says:

    I agree, I’m in science fiction and the day after my book went live I ran a
    free promo, and with absolutely no promo at all it was downloaded over 500
    times! USA UK and Germany

  4. Jamie Mitchell says:

    Very informative and helpful. Thanks!

  5. Rocky Perry says:

    @brad95460 It is very tough. Hang in there. Keep working everythng you can
    and hope. That is all we have most days. Good luck.

  6. brad caylor says:

    I did a free promo mid January. In 24 hours they downloaded 264 copies of
    THE ADVENTURES OF DUC, a children’s story. Since then I have sold one copy.
    It is 3-12-2012. This is a tough business.

  7. citticat2 says:

    Think positive everyone. See your book as being sold all over the US by
    hundreds of people who love and see the book. Imagine all the money coming
    in!! Enjoy!!

  8. TinkerJ says:

    I think it depends on category also. If your book is on promo for popular
    categories like health, you will surely see large numbers like 500 – 700
    per day.