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Bad Credit Auto Loans Car Loans Explained

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Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe on the High Cost of College (Full Interview)

“If we are lending money that ostensibly we don’t have to kids who have no hope of making it back in order to train them for jobs that clearly don’t exist, I…

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  1. Levi Mathieson says:

    Thanks for VERY informative video. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

  2. T1ger8oi says:

    you know whats a waste of money? GENERAL ED! Why the fuk should students
    waste their time on GE? who the fuk cares about History class? and
    Humanities? and language? fuk. let the students choose their path. line up
    a path of classes that they must take in order to get enough skills for
    whatever career they choose. colleges need to lower the GE credentials.
    just put the classes that will help them in daily life, like math and
    english. fuk history, fuk humanities, fuk liberal arts, fuk secondary fukin
    language. all the time they waste on these useless crap makes them dont
    want to attend school.

  3. Marshall Duncan says:

    Rowe actually misspoke at 40:30 when he claimed to be sure of what he was
    saying because he “read it in several reputable sources.” While he is
    correct, that the cost of higher education is the most inflationary in
    society, ahead of healthcare, it surely did not increase at “500 times the
    rate of inflation since the mid-80s”. More likely, it increased about 500%
    more than the rate of inflation. 500 x whatever the index was at the time
    would be a 49,900% increase. 

  4. NinjaOnANinja says:

    The reason why College cost is going up, is so that it keeps the population
    from rising against the machine.
    What better way to keep the common man stupid than to make college too

    If everyone in the world was educated, you know damn well that more
    organizations would exist. That would mean the present ones would be
    removed and any ties and connections that our government had with them go
    with it.

    More people would see the problems with our government and the systems in
    front of it and rise against it. But keep man stupid, they keep their mouth
    shut. Threaten to make someone lose their home or job? Suddenly, your
    “Freedom of Speech” and opinion is gone. But if you knew better, I bet you
    would be able to talk and probably get a raise. And no, not a bribe people.

    That is another thing. People are greedy and simple. I have the solution
    to end world hunger, but these major places said they would pay me for life
    if I keep my mouth shut.

  5. prognosi911 says:

    Illegal immigration has driven my wages into the floor, literally. I have
    have been in the flooring industry for 27 years, and never got a
    substantial raise, but all of our supplies keep getting pricier . Illegals
    come in and drive down the wages as the cost of supplies and fuel raises.
    I’m all for freedom and equality, but “some” employers need to be held

  6. Erduk says:

    “I was with the two most important men in my life.”

    So, how many guys listening to this from the US can actually relate to that
    story? I know I can’t. I think the sheer amount of bastard male children
    like myself is the real problem in this country.

  7. tim Tom says:

    i am a recent high school graduate. When i was in school there was a push
    for everyone to go to College or join the military. They said there was no
    other option. Then i told them i am going to get my CDL and drive a truck
    like my father. They nearly had a cow. I beat my body up as a young child
    (i know i am still young) and cant possibly sit in a office chair. i then
    remembered my father driving a massive frieghtliner across the US south and
    i feel in love with trucking again as a young adult.

  8. Ryan Williams says:

    Very interesting guy. And very smart as well. As someone who makes their
    living wearing a blue collar I agree with almost all of what he says. We
    are at such a disadvantage with this youngest generation. No one wants to
    come into the trades. Trade school enrollment is at an all-time low. It
    will eventually be our downfall. Just like Mike said…the Carpenters, the
    Machinists, the Auto Workers. These people used to be looked up to as the
    workforce who built this country. Now we are looked down on as menial jobs
    that are beneath the people of today. 

  9. yuri janich says:

    I am probably one in a thousand dumbasses that watch mike rowe’s shows on
    tv. let me tell you why. he seems like an honest guy AND he can not be
    embarrassed by anyone. I am looking forward to his new association with
    cnn. he reminds me of my own family. no such thing as ashamed of your
    upbringing. I anticipate another good series. and he is a pretty good
    narrator for films. I just like all his shows. forward this to mike. I just
    wanted to see if anyone else likes the dirty jobs shows (I know some were
    pretty shitty) but I liked most of them. anyone else anticipating the new

  10. Jason Decker says:
  11. Jared Blackburn says:

    One important consideration, comparing highschool grads to college grads
    isn’t valid — a lot of the no-college crowd are unskilled labor working in
    low paying jobs, not skilled labor with a trade (many college grads are
    too, but less). If they’re lucky, some college grads my transition into a
    trade when their degree fails them, too. Assuming education level = career
    type is bound to be misleading — its just advertising, and I see its
    creation as disengenous.

  12. Atouk says:

    “Industrial Arts!” I’ll be 52 next month (November 2014) and 6 years of
    industrial arts made it possible for me to be graduated from high school.
    Academically, I felt like I was being taught the same old math, spelling
    and sugar coated history that I had been taught the previous year. Every
    industrial arts course I ever took, showed me something new. I learned a
    new skill that I didn’t have the year before. I was graduated from high
    school in 1981, and I haven’t ever been unemployed. I’ll make $100K this
    year, and my 5 highest years of income averaged equals $84K. I have no
    formal college education. There are jobs available that you might not WANT
    to do, but the reality is, they’re probably your ticket to financial
    stability and success.

  13. Kriss Femmpaws says:

    This is a very good interview and well worth your time to watch, it should
    give you somethings to think about and to help you pick your path. 

  14. ObamaSmellsBad says:

    I have much more respect for a tradesman…..the guy/gal soldering pipe,
    swinging a hammer, fixing up a car, whatever….than I do some person stuck
    in an office cubicle doing bullshit work with a college degree.
    Tradesman are the people that make the real world work. They are the ones
    building houses and plumbing and electrifying them. Who makes your car go?
    Who builds the roads you drive on?
    Just as much money, if not more, can be made doing a trade. It is REAL

  15. Lloyd Hayes says:

    The blue collar jobs are definitely there. Last week, someone called me up
    asking me to work as an electrician for 3 weeks at $55 per hour. And I have
    never been an electrician, and am not sure if I know more then simply
    wiring my own stuff….

  16. Jared Blackburn says:

    Right after seeing Mike Rowe’s interview here and else where I jumped on
    that Caterpillar thing — yet now I’m not sure that was the way to go —
    “Look where everyone else is going and go the other direction,” and with
    all the publicity that opportunity is likely flooded with interested
    people. Yeah, some may avoid such jobs because they don’t want to work,
    are afaird of getting dirty with engine grease, or imagine its somehow
    below them — or are just not the mechnical type — but many just don’t
    know such an opportunity exists, much less that they might even take
    someone with no background and train them. Being all over national TV and
    the internet, its not unknown now, so they’re probably now flooded with
    more people more qualified than I am. So hard to know where people will
    go, or what other ways there might be. :(

  17. samuski36 says:

    When I left home at 17, I had just finished high school and had been
    working full time at BK. Between the ages of 15 and 23, there was never a
    time that I had less than two jobs. One might be contractual or part time,
    and I was fortunate to have lived where I did in a small rural town. I
    could collect and sell wood all summer, and shovel roofs all winter. In
    spring and fall there was always work on local farms and ranches, not to
    mention construction and home repairs, landscaping and painting etc.
    Then I tried college. I went back to work when I saw how deep in debt I was
    and how useless the “Liberal Arts” degree that was swung in front of me
    like a carrot in front of a racehorse really was. Sad how times have

  18. Autumnleaf2011 says:

    Mike Rowe now works for CNN, Zionist News Network

  19. Ziggy Mehta says:

    I hear him talking about how many blue-collar jobs are available, but
    saying nothing about
    (1) the formal training needed (cost? time?)
    (2) the (less) formal apprenticeship(s) needed (time? paid vs.
    (3) what percent of those jobs are union vs. non-union
    (4) for the union jobs, what hoops does one have to jump through to get

  20. Osel Somar says:

    What is this bullshit about unfilled jobs?? I know unemployed electricians
    and plumbers.
    Don’t lie. USA has no jobs.

  21. NinjaOnANinja says:

    I got the biggest boner at that part.

  22. Steven Gibson says:

    Nice Mike, but you arent a welder. I am a welder and can’t find or land a
    job for the life of me. I’m 47, white and over experienced for employers to
    pay any decent wage.

  23. Dyan Bermeo says:

    Mikes right. I dropped out of class to learn a trade. Most of the classes
    these colleges offer can be learned for free instead of going into debt.

  24. Daryl Buck says:

    Mike Rowe and Elizabeth Warren 2016

  25. Chris Allbritton says:

    I hate republicans. So basically if you’re not good at and motivated by
    manual labor – you deserve to starve to death.

    Nobody wants to do these jobs because they are crappy, they pay POORLY per
    the amount of labor.

    When the welder gets laid by an actress for being a welder? Let me know….

    You do understand that the labor, per capita for the money is oh I don’t
    know, skewed to the left? Oh wait, of course not. You’re a famous guy
    yapping his yap because you got lucky.

  26. Davethepickleman says:

    Common sense… Mike run for Congress or something in DC. We need more
    common sense in DC… period. You can replace Banner and his fake tan
    self. Or even Polosi – which has no clue.