Banking Secrets & Advice : Important Things About Mortgages

Free mortgage advice. Hear from the source what you need to know about mortgages in this free video on insider banking and finance advice. Expert: Levi Culbe…

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  1. GIOVANNI NICCOLO Matranga says:

    Credit default swaps, Option ARM’s I am an investor with several option
    ARMS some with settlements, some without but unable to get a break on any
    because I own multiple properties. Any words of advice? I’m losing my butt
    on what was originally supposed to be “income properties” I wish they’d
    bring back The Glass-Steagle act. It’s just horrible the way things are for
    everyone . The Irony is I financed all properties in ’08 with A1 credit,
    yet got a Subprime rate on all.

  2. spikeous706 says:

    Good job Levi

  3. guardianjuan says:

    thanks I’ll keep it in mind

  4. GIOVANNI NICCOLO Matranga says:

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  5. 7copyright says:

    lets break dow the word mortgage Mort: funeral director; One whose business
    is to arrange for the burial or cremation of the dead and assist at the
    funeral rites and who is usually an embalmer. Also called mortician,
    undertaker. Gage: Something deposited or given as security against an
    obligation; a pledge. Something, such as a glove, that is offered or thrown
    down as a pledge or challenge to fight. A challenge. LoL! Just kidding

  6. Arnold Duane says:

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