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The Secret To Finding New Real Estate Private Lending Partners Without Being Pushy Or Annoying

As a real estate investor, you may feel like you sometimestake on the role of teacher, trying to explain passive investing, private lending and self-directed IRAs to prospective business partners. You probably have discovered that this concept is completely foreign to the average consumer. As a matter of fact, I can tell you that most investment advisors who work for mainstream firms have never been educated on self-directed IRAs and often even tell their own clients that IRA investing is fictional or even illegal.

One great marketing strategy is to build an email auto-responder series which will deliver small chunks of education to your prospective partners week-over-week, helping to build their knowledge level and confidence about your business opportunity. Emails provide that steady stream of information in a way that is professional and consistent (and without being pushy or overbearing).

Auto-responders are emails that are prescheduled for delivery on specific days based on the lifecycle of the subscriber. For example, “Module One” of a six part series can be sent on the first day someone is added to your email list. “Module Two” could then be prescheduled to be sent on the third day after the person is added to your email list. This series of emails can go on until all the modules are delivered, or you can create a series of emails that go on for as long as a year.

When educating prospective passive investors or investment partners, you want to share information and provide education that helps them decide for themselves that passive investing would work for them. You don’t want to bombard them the emails that scream, “please, I’m begging you!” or “act now, now, now! Your goal is to become a trusted and loyal business partner and you achieve that goal through demonstrating your outstanding knowledge level and education on the topic. Becoming involved in passive investing or becoming a real estate private lender is a big financial step, and you want to demonstrate that they can have absolute confidence in you and your knowledge.

Most material about passive investing or private lending is written to teach active investors how to buy property with private money. But as an educated investor, you already know how valuable private money isits the person youre introducing the idea to who needs the education, right?

My free e-book was written specifically for new potential passive investors or private money lenders. It introduces the concept of private banks, how private money lending can potentially benefit them, what to consider about passive investing and all the possible pros and cons of being a private lender. Its written in simple terms and will undoubtedly help you explain joint ventures and private lending. And, it adds credibility and validity to the opportunity you share.

This e-book is perfect for delivering to in small segments as part of an auto-responder series and its absolutely free.

Angela Phebus is a marketing expert who also happens to be an active real estate investor. You can get this free e-book as well as other great marketing resources for real estate investors at www.FreePassiveRealEstateInvestingEBook.INFO

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Mortgage Acceleration Can Be a Strategic Investment

Paying off your house quicker than originally planned is definitely a good idea. But if you think of your home as a way to increase your wealth, that is even better.

Owning a home automatically creates a form of savings for you, but owning a home and using the equity to increase your wealth is a better idea. It is not hard to do. And though it can result in the same advantages that a professional investor has, you do not need to know the complicated strategies they do. It just takes the following two steps.

1. Use the equity you already have in your home to work in your favor. You can use it to pay down the principle of your first mortgage, which accrues on a daily basis, and then get it back into your equity loan before interest accrues on it. This will do two things, drastically reduce the amount of interest you would pay on your home, and also significantly decrease the time it would take you to get out of debt.

2. After using a method like this to substantially reduce the time it takes to pay off your mortgage, you can then have whatever time is left to put into some account that bears interest for you, instead. It takes the money you would have used to pay off your house-and would have only made money for your bank-and puts it into your savings account.

When you think in these terms, you not only avoid paying large amounts of interest to the banks, but you can also begin to use your money (much sooner than you would have originally) to begin earning compound interest in your favor. This is the business the banks are in, and they provide the tools you need to do the very same things. That’s their business! And you can have the same advantages.

Do you want to learn the best way to escape paying interest? You can get my free ebook, How to Significantly Lower the Interest on All Your Loans, Including Your Mortgage–and That Without Refinancing.

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