Creating my first P2P Loan Portfolio on Lending Club Walk through tutorial of creating a P2P loan portfolio on Lending Club. There are several person-to-person lending sites…
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6 Responses to Creating my first P2P Loan Portfolio on Lending Club

  1. PLPandPFT says:

    Thanks for the honest feedback with specific points that I can work on. I
    have been needing some suggestions. Well, I knew that that the sound was
    not good. I’ll see if I can improve it sometime over the next week. I will
    look into the zooming feature and try to improve the resolution. I need
    some tips on the sound though — other than my voice — I can’t do much
    about that. 🙂

  2. Sigfrid Perroulaz says:

    I think the project is well set up. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to
    read anything on your screen – one needs to guess what you’re doing. And as
    you stated yourself, there is some work needed on the sound …

  3. John Landells says:

    Personally, I don’t mind not being able to read everything in detail.
    What’s important to me is seeing *what* you’re doin and *where* on the page
    you’re clicking. Since this is supposed to be a tutorial, you can
    realistically expect anyone interested to have their own version of the
    page open, and this is where the detail will be seen. Great video –
    especially as a first attempt! 🙂

  4. PLPandPFT says:

    Well, Tyrell, that was really helpful.

  5. Lamont Mcdermott says:

    prosper is better

  6. onoringo says:

    kind of wish you showed how you determined which loans to choose. in that
    way it can help novices, like me, and probably help you out in the future
    through advice you get from here.