Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Trailer)

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25 Responses to Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Trailer)

  1. Allan Johnson says:

    good one

  2. Canty & Associates says:

    If you thought you were alone in your overwhelming *student loan debt”,
    this video will prove you wrong.

    Let us help you *stop student loan default* or simply to reduce your
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  3. W Roundtree says:

    Default: the Student Loan Documentary (Trailer)

  4. Deep Desertt says:

    Because that’s the new mantra in this country, go to college and get a
    degree, any degree, or else you will fail in life, don’t even think of
    going into a trade or you will end up a wifebeating alcoholic min wage
    loser, so these kids feel like they have no other option but to take out
    the loans and get that piece of paper or they feel like they won’t even
    have a chance, and people who should know better fall for it. It’s a scam
    but one that is being perpetuated at the very top.

  5. Pulsar2317 says:

    God help us

  6. thegiantpaperpanda says:

    Thank God for the new IBR (Income Based Repayment) program for federal
    loans or they would still be in default. Unfortunately, for private loans
    lenders and collection agents ask for hundreds to thousands of dollars and
    won’t even consider bargaining with you.

  7. Gonzo Oznog says:

    I say we all just take out student loans and then leave the country with
    the loaned money hoorayyY!

  8. thesiouxgoddess says:

    @pat206387 You must work over 80 hours a week in order to pay back student
    loans?? That’s truly sad! As for me, I’m on an “Income Sensitive”
    initiative program myself so I still have time to eat, sleep, remember what
    my house actually looks like or whatever. Well, I owe about just $20,000 in
    student loans, but that is still a plenty, isn’t it?

  9. aujuliawod says:

    They say the part of your brain that has the ability to predict the
    consequences of your actions isn’t fully formed till your 25 years old. Yet
    they allow a young person who is just 18 and right out of highschool to
    take out thousands of dollars worth in student loans. I think its just
    taking advantage… All that aside. Education should be free for everyone.
    You pay for the quality of your education. If you have more money you get a
    better education from preschool-college. It is criminal.

  10. NoXiousBLD says:

    @orrin4 Not talking about this video on youtube. I mean the full
    documentary online…..

  11. Copper9 says:

    For all those who argue they don’t want their tax dollars to go to student
    loans guess what? They already are! What do think bails out Sallie Mae when
    students default?If it takes a lifetime to pay off a student loan, what
    makes you think you can just save up for a few years and pay for it? Don’t
    be so blind to others situations. Not everyone is living the fun and fancy
    free life that movies advertise in college or after college.

  12. Hayate Azekura says:

    How do people get into owing 90,000 in debt. This is just stupid. These are
    the same people who voted people in Washington and have that attitude that
    ” Hey lets just keep throwing money and it will be fixed.” The lady at the
    end us stupid. We are letting too much idiot people into college. So that
    problem has been created by this idea that everyone should go to college
    and must even if you are stupid as a rock.

  13. orrin4 says:

    @NoXiousBLD try watching it in another browser?

  14. alstonpmaroon says:

    Yeah, college is expensive, but ALL students need to understand and accept
    what they are getting themselves into BEFORE they sign up for all these
    loans. And college isn’t designed to help you find a job, its only there
    TECHNICALLY to give you an education. If you want to learn a skill, go to
    vocational/technical school. The economy is total SHIT these days, so it’s
    a gamble to “invest” in an education. I don’t think it’s worth it these

  15. ariuszarim says:

    @SilentTrama It’s a trick. First, the federal government backs student
    loans, making them more accessible. Second, universities raise tuition in
    response to all the new students. Third, the job market crashes because of
    too many graduates. Fourth, the federal government declares student loan
    debt unforgivable. Lastly, people with unforgivable debt are slaves to the
    debt holder. That is, they owe the products of their labor (money) to the
    debt holder. Clever girl…

  16. Robert Muniz says:

    @td31g also you have until august of 2011 to submit your fafsa. Hope this

  17. TVFOGGED says:

    @VeNeM999 Military is the best deal out there.

  18. bcbp14 says:

    You can say those who have borrowed should have known what they were
    getting themselves into, and you’d be right. That however is not helping
    the current problem. The answer to the trillion dollar question is not
    woulda shoulda coulda.

  19. JonStudentLoan says:

    To those of you that now have a degree and a lot of debt…is it worth it?
    People stuff the idea that we have to go to school, get a degree, get a job
    etc etc etc…for me I am happy I went have have my engineering degree and
    after savings lots my debt is paid off. So I would say that the student
    debt was worth it. What about you?

  20. KRSchannel says:

    professional photographer as a education?!

  21. Death2fairytales says:

    They should stop having degrees in college that are unmarketable.

  22. Hayate Azekura says:

    It’s you choice to get a loan. So no it’s not corporal responsibility. it
    all starts with you.

  23. mackles says:

    Simple Rule: Never borrow more than what you expect to make in your first
    year after graduation. A prime example of what’s wrong with student debt @

  24. Beth Kaiser Moe says:

    Is this just a preview of the documentary or is this the whole thing? If it
    is just a preview…when and where can I see the entire documentary? Please!

  25. Jason Ries says:

    Let me see if I understand you correctly, the great equalizer only applies
    to the wealthy and the American Dream ought to be inherited. Nothing is
    earned anymore, its inherited. That logic will create a society where YOUR
    brain surgeon isn’t their because of their skills and abilities but rather,
    their families ability to finance their education. Sounds like a very
    inefficient use of human capital. Let people discover where their talent
    lies and then go pursue their dreams and keep money out.