European and UK fleet fuel cards

Whilst considering the best fleet fuel card for your business, it is important to consider the exact requirements in terms of fuels commonly used, operational business area, flexibility of fuel card features and whether the fuel card which you choose provides coverage for the relevant petrol stations which your vehicles pass. After all, there is no point in choosing an amazing deal from a particular fleet fuel card provider only to discover that in order to fill up, your fleet vehicles will have to continually detour form their main routes.

Larger companies such as Shell or Texaco may offer greater coverage and choice but it is worth shopping around, because if your operational business area is limited, then an alternative card from a smaller organisation may actually offer you a better deal. Furthermore, it is worth bearing in mind that fleet fuel cards will always have a minimum monthly spend because they will not offer you savings unless you guarantee them a certain level of business each month.

This amount varies and it is important that you do not overestimate the amount of fuel that you use or you may well miss out on the various loyalty bonuses and benefits offered. However, if you have a large fleet be sure to check that you do not underestimate your monthly mileage and fuel spend, because by applying for the wrong type of card, you could be missing out on very significant savings and benefits.

Fuel cards are available from key fuels, Somerfield, Shell, BP, Mobil, Gulf and Morrison’s and deals can be discovered which benefit personal vehicle use , sole trader vehicles and large international fleets, so please consider just which card suits your requirements. Fuel cards have become a definite necessity for those who wish to cut back on their fuel costs and are attracted to the convenience , speed and efficiency of plastic transactions, and the only proviso about their use would perhaps be the careful consideration of which fuel card is correct. Thus, it becomes evident that a little bit of research can convert to substantial savings on fuel.

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