Glowing Ink Can Lend New Depth To Your Prints

Have you been looking for a new, fun way to take some of your latest creations to the next level?Your search is over.Glowing printer ink is a great way to add some pizazz to greeting cards, informational newsletters, decorations for a party or the holidays, signs, or even t shirts. The only limitation is your own creativity, and the best thing about glowing ink is that you don’t need to buy special paper to make it work.You can employ whatever you have hanging around. There are plenty of manufacturers that sell this ink, but if you want to further explore your own craftiness, try making the ink yourself.

You’ll have to make a couple shopping stops in order to make the glowing ink. At your local craft store (or the craft section of a retail store), buy some glow-in-the-dark powder.The next thing you’re going to need is an ink refill kit.If you don’t, a quick trip to an office supply store or even online will do.Ensure that your printer is compatible with this glowing ink kit.And lastly, you’ll want a syringe to transfer the ink from the ink cartridge to the mixing bowl and back.

In a microwave-safe bowl, place three teaspoons of printer ink and one-fourth of a teaspoon of the glow in the dark powder. Microwave for about 30 seconds to dissolve the powder, then stir well to make sure that all of the powder is incorporated into the ink.Allow the ink mixture to cool off.To transfer the ink mixture back into your ink cartridge, you should use the syringe. Put the syringe into the refill holes of the cartridge (check the refill kit instructions to find out where the refill holes are located).Before attempting any printing, you should use your printer’s clean cycle.Glowing will not be possible unless you expose the ink to the light for a few minutes after it has been printed out.

That’s it! You can now unleash your creativity and make your projects really stand out.Although it seems as though Halloween projects are the most popular projects to be undertaken with these special inks, there are many other uses, like decorations for your home on a summer evening.You should experiment with adding the glow in the dark effect to multiple ink colors.Your artwork is bound to draw surprised admiration, so just be creative and have fun while you let your imagination run wild! Tony is a blogger and technology enthusiast who really enjoys writing about the newest printer ink cartridge trends.

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