How to Obtain a Personal Loan on Prosper

Step-by-step instructions for filling out a loan application on p2p lender
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Understand what a Margin Loan is and how it can be used as part of your investing strategy.
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4 Responses to How to Obtain a Personal Loan on Prosper

  1. jamie foster says:

    love the video but um If I was to become an investor in one of these to
    companies my biggest worry would be the threat of potential fraud on the
    borrowers side meaning the borrower using theirs info on the application
    then defaulting on the loan what do these companies do to stop and prevent
    these things from happeningļ»æ

  2. BiCostalFilmCo says:

    Did you say 31.99 percent? A R kidding?

  3. Dustin Morina says:

    no kidding… anything over 20% is completely outrageous in my opinion..

  4. BiCostalFilmCo says:

    Where you from pal?