How to pay off your student loans FAST

How to pay off your student loans FAST

Step 0: Get a job , either 1 full time or 2 part time or 1 part time and a temp job Step 1 : dont wait 6 months after you graduate to make payments. (Start m…

3 Responses to How to pay off your student loans FAST

  1. Dee Advice says:

    Congrats to you on paying your loan off!!!

  2. ramlinshoes says:

    Good recommendations. Very helpful on ways to live frugally and pay off
    early. I wish you explained why these are extra onerous loans. Examples:
    student loans are often front loaded. The interest is paid in the beginning
    so if you pay the minimum have them put the rest toward the principal to
    bring that down first. Must designate it. Also these loans will never go
    away protected by bankruptcy so if you fall behind they will let you stop
    for some emergencies BUT they will keep adding interest and penalties til
    you start paying again. Probably if you can, take a job where your employer
    will share in the payment.

    Overall great info you provided. 

  3. DJKGAMING says: