How to say no to lending money

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An Easy Overview Of Securities Lending.
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11 Responses to How to say no to lending money

  1. radicalaccounting says:

    This video stops at 1;37 for me, repeatedly. anyone else having the same
    problem? Can you please re-post it? I would love to hear what you have to
    say on this subject. Thanks!

  2. Zsuzsa Toth says:

    OMG!THank you sooo much!!!!!!!! It helped me so much!IYess!I felt exactly
    the same I always do and give,and its not appreciated at all! Than you soo
    much for saying these words,you made me feel so much better !

  3. macindy368 says:

    That is a lot better than being held hostage.

  4. xxxnaughtydevil says:

    my god- I just went thru this- he went total apeshit- violently- it was
    disgusting. when he realised I wasn’t going to give him nothing. he refused
    to take half of what I was gonna give- when offered. this made me like ?
    what this money really for- & I knew he was lying. I ended up given the
    extra cash to another friend- who deserves it way more. I feel way better
    with my choice.

  5. fenny121289 says:

    and I’m not intending of changing my mind. I might as well have a
    conversation with him on the reason of my decision and I’m probably gonna
    ask him to never ask me for money in the future, It sounds rude, but it’s
    the only solution. It’s such a dangerous cycle which can even ruin
    friendship but a friend would never abuse you and a friend will feel
    embrassed to ask you, only if you are amazely closed. How can I help him to
    have some decency and try to work on himself. He’s not sick on anything.

  6. Annie Simmons says:

    I agree. She’s like a lemon–pretty on the outside but sour in the middle.
    I can’t believe people give her money after watching her horrible videos. I
    just say no to Tara Marino.

  7. Anandakali13 says:

    I love your way. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  8. fenny121289 says:

    I have that friend who’s always short on 10 or 20 buck. sometimes 100 or
    more. And most importantly, he thinks that I kind of own him, he sometimes
    disrespects me and never appears to be grateful even when I don’t ask the
    money back. I felt very frustrated about that. Because what inspires me is
    to help those who need it, people who are going to progress, like children.
    but that guy was somehow being abusive and I wasn’t helping him and
    encouraging to be independent. So today I said a big NO

  9. rick alemao says:

    It’s a really a shame that you don’t like helping children in poverty,
    don’t be so selfish and shallow. Go help someone with your “prosperity”
    instead of making these useless videos. Be useful, girl Bye!

  10. Kaitrin at Future says:

    You are a great communicater as well as beautiful. Thank you.

  11. Kiwi says:

    …and then they get mad because you said no. Not everyone is mature as you