Lend A Classical Look To Your Bedroom By Opting For Wooden Sleigh Beds

Using a natural and eco friendly material like wood is gaining ground once again. The curvatures as well as the bends are the main stay of most furniture particularly wooden beds . An exquisitely carved intricate design or the subtle curved look adds on to the elegant look instead of it being merely functional.

Wooden sleigh beds have also gained in popularity of late. The slightly bigger headboards in comparison to the footboards make it look somewhat similar to a sleigh, hence the name. Both the head as well as the footboards consist of carvings which makes it look antique and classical at the same time. Another prominent feature of such beds is the top which rolls outwards.

It is possible to be confused by the enormous choices available when it comes to the wood. While sleigh beds can be made of almost any type of wood, a hardwood serves the purpose admirably making it both durable and strong. The wood from the Mahogany tree is considered to be ideal and can easily outlive you. The rich red tinted wood will also help to enliven your bedroom making you look forward to a good nights sleep.

A particularly interesting fact is that the sleigh beds can be traced back to the times of the Romans and Greeks who were reckoned as the rulers of the world in the ancient times. The same style grew popular once more in the 1800s when it was used by both the French as well as the American cultures. The modern day has a plethora of sleigh beds to choose from too. The commonest types of sleigh beds available now can be categorized as:-

Antique- These are completely traditional in appearance and will lend a unique and classical look to your bedroom. The method of treating the wood properly is extremely important as the durability of your coveted piece of furniture is totally dependent on the process. However, you can safely use it for generations with minimal care.

Modern- Most of the furniture manufacturers also make a more modern form of the traditional bed which is more appropriate for the modern style of living. Several luxury homes use sleigh beds which are more functional instead of being cumbersome. The wood, crafting and the functionality are not overlooked either and it is perfectly possible to get it custom made.

The framing along with the boards on either end of the bed is an integral part of the sleigh bed. Bigger sized beds often have an extra central leg as well. However, opting for this kind of bed will not be a wise decision if you do not have much space to spare. An inordinately tall and hand crafted headboard is likely to become the center of attention if you can manage to place it bang in the middle of your roomy bedroom. A bed which is not the dominant feature would have to do with a shorter headboard, on the other hand.

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