Lend Street Financial @ Finovate Spring 2011 Conference

One of the most important parts of handling your debt is realizing that there are ways out of it. Lend Street Financial previewed a new product at Finovate t…
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http://livetheneweconomy.com A video update about our investments in Lending Club and Prosper. We post constant updates and more information at http://liveth…

2 Responses to Lend Street Financial @ Finovate Spring 2011 Conference

  1. andydambo says:

    So let me get this straight, you’re buying a $10,000 distressed loan from a
    bank at 60 cents in the dollar (assuming banks will offer that to you),
    then you extend the term of that loan and extract a fee from the distressed
    borrower, but only from people who are considered ‘good credit’? Sorry but
    I really don’t see how this is viable. Maybe a bit more explanation of the
    value add?

  2. Jacob Kerner says:

    Can i borrow some of that interest lol.. Good job bro! Keep reinvesting and
    that account total will sky rocket!