Lend your vehicle sportive feel with KW coilovers

In case you are an entry level driver seeking to achieve control over height settings in your vehicle, you should seriously consider installing KW coilovers within. The pre-set damping in KW Variant 1, in particular, is ideal for you, if you wish to convert your conventional vehicle into a sports car, with assurance of soothing and safe drive.

About KW

To introduce, KW is a leading manufacturer of performance-oriented suspension systems. The brand is renowned for manufacturing highest quality suspension systems using best quality raw material. Another highlight feature of the systems produced by KW are that they are TUV approved. TUV signifies Technical Control Board of Germany that sets standard for desirable lowering range.

Moreover, the KW coilovers come in three variants. Their names are: KW Variant 1, KW Variant 2 and KW Variant 3. Of the three, the Variant 1 is the basic model meant for entry-level drivers.

Features of KW suspension systems

To begin with, all the KW coilovers variants share common features. All variants offer adjustable height settings and promise of optimized damping and ride height in your vehicle. Besides, the coilovers compromise with neither comfort nor safety.

The variants sport stainless steel technology and use only highest quality parts/ components to ensure lasting durability. The systems are furnished fully with inclusive solutions for high performance.

Features of KW variant 1

As already discussed, the variant 1 model by KW is the most basic model among all its coilovers; made with galvanised steel technology with CSK sealing to prevent future rusting or damage. The variant 1 suspension comes with factory settings pre-set. The lowering range by the machine is approved by a German a lowering range standards called TUV.

The suspension system is highly recommended for those desiring an out of the box solution to have sports setting inside their vehicle. The factory settings in the vehicle are set for optimized performance, comfort and security. However, with its adjustable height feature, you can have control over the height you wish to maintain in your vehicle. The model also incorporates inox steel technology and other highest quality raw material that make Variant 1 very durable.

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