Lending Club Note Trading Platform – FOLIOfn

Investing in peer lending with Lending Club provides a great return on investment but also requires a bit of management. Use of the note trading platform is …
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7 Responses to Lending Club Note Trading Platform – FOLIOfn

  1. Sam Sitar says:

    in Massachusetts i have use foliofn. what money do i get at the end of a

  2. BigGhommie says:

    Are you using Linux?

  3. PeerInvesting says:

    I do a short video on buying FOLIOfn here: /watch?v=Ib28kkmYVeM The biggest
    thing to watch out for is that you’re not paying more for a note than what
    you’ll receive in P&I

  4. Matt Jabs says:

    Not yet, only sold.

  5. PeerInvesting says:

    Great video Matt. I buy notes on FOLIO, it seems like people post notes for
    sale and then forget about them, or just have horrible pricing strategies,
    but like you said you have to give up a little in the price for some
    liquidity or avoided risk.

  6. Lene Ring says:

    I wish I could see the numbers.

  7. sneaksiam says:

    Have you bought notes on Foliofn?