Lending Club Review for New Investors

Lending Club Review for New Investors

See http://www.lendacademy.com/lending-club-review/ for the complete Lending Club review. Peer to peer lending is growing very fast and Lending Club is clear…
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9 Responses to Lending Club Review for New Investors

  1. Bee Invested says:

    #lendingclub review for new investors´╗┐

  2. Luscher6 says:

    how much have you made so far? and how much are you predicted to make?

  3. Snehal Pachigar says:

    Thanks so much. Really helpful. Did my first investment today.

  4. Michael Nieves says:

    I’ve been using lendingclub for awhile now. So far it has been very good to
    me, I’ve only put in about $1300, I was making about 19% in return. Out of
    49 notes, I’ve only had 1 note default and 1 note pay off early (borrower
    had 23% interest); so now I’m at about 15%.

  5. Nick Stach says:

    Really liked this. Thanks!

  6. tiehut says:

    does lending club verify the purpose of each loan, or can the borrowers lie
    about the purpose of their loans?

  7. Michael Nieves says:

    I’ve had a total of $343 payments, $133 of that is in interest. I know have
    a total of 3 investors pay off early. I’m now averaging 15.55% interest on
    my returns

  8. Rick Cable says:

    Thank you! Great video.´╗┐

  9. Peter Renton says: