Lending Club Review – Is it a Good Investment? (GoodFinancialCents.com)

http://www.goodfinancialcents.com/investing-lending-club-good-or-risky-investment/ Peer to peer lending has really taken off over the past few years. At the …
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25 Responses to Lending Club Review – Is it a Good Investment? (GoodFinancialCents.com)

  1. Michael Pyles says:

    Thanks for all your videos. They are really helpful to one just entering
    retirement. The yield here looks very good as an alternative to other high
    yield investments, given the job market continues to improve as the year
    (2014) proceeds..

  2. James Wood says:

    No point in asking borrowers questions these days as the best loans are
    gone within minutes.

  3. Samy Ismael says:

    Not available in my state (PA). So much for that route to make money….

  4. wegetmitt says:

    loved it

  5. ThievesWeAre says:

    liked liked liked!!!!!!

  6. LianneLindie says:

    dang u save my life

  7. PeerInvesting says:

    Great video. I think you waited too long to reinvest your available cash
    though, make that money work for you asap

  8. RareZycro says:

    how did you make this vid?

  9. Cavade Dejone says:

    does Donald trump own this to lol good program i think ill join once i get
    back on my feet and start working a decent job to keep a balance between
    borrowing and having to payback those who helped me plus i would love to be
    on the other side acting as a bank for a change lol but other than that i
    love love love it!

  10. Ayman Suleiman says:

    Thanks for the video. I now have a better understanding of what the site is
    about. But my question is, is it really worth it? I mean after 2 years you
    only made $150? Do you earn a return every month? Do I have to wait till
    the end of the 36 months to see a return? Thanks

  11. AFTM2011 says:

    nice vid. subbed

  12. sebas9232 says:

    if only i could do that. ur amazing

  13. mindshiftnow says:

    make more please

  14. DbzPortugalSeries says:

    hmm im still a little confused

  15. superbobo290 says:

    dude coolio

  16. Sam Sitar says:

    in Massachusetts i can only buy from folifn. loan fraction is $25. i paid
    $4 to 6 for it. it pays 75 cents monthly. what happens at the end of a loan?

  17. bigandy36 says:

    nice tut

  18. roy2ohio says:

    All notes have different “Due Dates”. If you own only 1 note, yea, you’ll
    get one interest payment (plus principle) per month. The cool thing about
    Lending Club is you can accumulate multiple notes. I currently have 48
    notes. That means I’m getting money back nearly every day. Daily activity
    makes LC much more interesting and fun compared to investments that only
    pay monthly, quarterly or even annually.

  19. Cavade Dejone says:

    im going to look into prosper as well now that Ive read the comments above

  20. DoctorSchteinman says:

    nice tutorial.

  21. Silvergolds1 says:

    so i take .20% / 12 months = 0.0166 per month of intrest?

  22. Jeff Rose says:

    No worries! Just glad you signed up. I’m pretty sure you get paid monthly.
    You should be seeing your first interest check soon.

  23. my10000000001 says:

    awesome. this vid is incredible

  24. MrCoolkidster says:

    Looks awesome. 😀

  25. superbobo290 says: