Are Republicans and Democrats to Blame For the Sub-Prime Mortgage Disaster?

Do you find it rather interesting that the left continues to blame the Republicans and President Bush for everything from Natural Disasters, to the Global Terrorists and from Global Warming to the Global Subprime Mortgage crash? Not long ago, a political pundit who claims to be a moderate stated in a political debate; “Was itContinue Reading

Ozma – Gameover

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Avoiding Chargebacks and Credit Card Fraud

More than anything else, its fraud that affects online business. If your online business suffers likewise, its time to make a few changes! First, lets understand why do chargebacks happen? A chargeback occurs when a cardholder disputes a credit card purchase, for any one or more of the following reasons: – • TheContinue Reading

Personalised Christmas Cards

The recent down turn, recession, credit crunch, banking crisis – whatever you want to call it definitely affected Christmas card sales in 2008, especially the personalised corporate market. It compounded the already shrinking industry. Over the last five to six years less and less companies have sent Christmas cards, some have simply stopped as theyContinue Reading

Calvin “Loudmouth” Johnson & Johnny Winter – Lien On Your Body (Mortgage On Your Soul)

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Lend Fibromyalgia Support & Make a Difference in Somebody’s Life

For some people experiencing a multitude of illnesses, along with pain related to soft tissue which is called fibromyalgia, it may seem like the end of the world. Because the arthritis-related condition can cause an individual to feel gnawing pain all over and affects life in untold ways, obtaining fibromyalgia support through fellow sufferers canContinue Reading

Fight to Delay Foreclosure Now, Then Use Some Tactics to Qualify For a Mortgage Modification Plan

Thousands of families are now involved in a big fight to delay foreclosure for as long as they could. The President Obama’s Mortgage Modification Program is now working at full speed, however, thousands of homeowners that once believed could be helped under this plan are now being left behind. Due to the rigorous and complexContinue Reading

S.N.P. – Wanna Show

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Business Cards, Business Cards and More Business Cards

There are many things that you put at risk when you venture in a business. One of which is your financial stability. Deciding to join the business world is a gamble which you should be willing to take. Something you can eventually win if you play your cards right. There are many things for youContinue Reading

R. Kelly, Nokio & Jaz-Ming Mackey – Use to Me Spending

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