PayPal Expands Small Business Lending

PayPal Expands Small Business Lending

PayPal is significantly enhancing it’s credit business…announcing last week that its Bill Me Later credit-line program will now be called PayPal Credit. In…
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How to buy a first car and get a responsible first time car loan from Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solution’s “Financial Firsts” video series. Buying a first…

8 Responses to PayPal Expands Small Business Lending

  1. Rhette says:

    PayPal offering alternative form of financing to businesses

  2. Esther Coleman says:

    seen better acting in care bears cartoon

  3. Tyler Hacker says:

    2:30 she’s not even logged in. LMAO

  4. Ecompass4 says:

    Wait.. If a loan of 8k at 20%, with payments of 134 months… That would
    take around 72 months, approx: 6 years to pay off.. How is she getting 26

  5. Vern J says:

    Yeah buddy! I think I’ll secure some financing through bank/CU before

  6. theory816 says:


  7. DanceOnThat says:

    Lol that was good

  8. Cool Raccoon says:

    Owned the Stevester