Review for New Investors

See for a written review. is one of the leading peer to peer lending platforms and this video takes yo…

5 Responses to Review for New Investors

  1. BrenttheGreat says:

    Peter, I am curious how taxes affect your return. I have heard that only a
    certain percentage of your unpaid debts can be written off. Is this true?
    You’re the only person I have seen that actually has a pretty substantial
    amount invested. During tax season do you get hit hard? Based off of what
    you had to pay because of the bad debts – how do you feel that affects your
    return? Is it like losing a percent or two? I don’t know if what I said
    made sense, but I would love an answer. I don’t want to start putting lots
    of money in to find that I am getting destroyed on the tax end. Thanks!

  2. Connie Settles says:


  3. TheRandlefox says:

    thank you for the video

  4. Brent Banks says:

    Thanks for the video. I would love to see your results now that it’s 1
    year later.

  5. Peter Renton says: