Ranger Specialty Income Fund Expands Into Small Business Loans By Teaming Up With Funding Circle USA Partnership

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 01, 2014

The Ranger Specialty Income Fund will begin investing in crowdfunded small business loans through a relationship with Funding Circle USA. The Ranger Specialty Income Fund seeks to provide both domestic and international investors with attractive yields and monthly cash flow attributable to investments in the peer to peer and crowdlending space. The Ranger Specialty Income Fund was formed to invest in all types of peer to peer and crowdlending loans; and the relationship with Funding Circle USA assists the fund in executing its strategy with respect to small business loans. The fund has been investing in consumer loans since its inception in November 2013.

“We are excited about our relationship with Funding Circle and the ability for our fund to invest in asset-backed small business loans,” said Bill Kassul, a principal of the Ranger Specialty Income Fund. “Adding small business loans to our existing consumer loan portfolio allows the fund to reduce investment risk through additional diversification, while increasing the potential to generate higher returns by investing in additional loan categories.”

The Ranger Specialty Income Fund is also working with Funding Circle U.K. to expand the fund portfolio into internationally originated small business loans. The fund is expected to be one of the first U.S. based crowdlending funds to invest in international small business loans.

Funding Circle USA is an online loan marketplace that connects high-quality small businesses looking for up to $ 500K with accredited investors. The Funding Circle USA marketplace offers these businesses an attractive alternative to traditional bank loans. “Banks are either not lending to these entrepreneurs, or they are charging them exorbitant interest rates,” said Sam Hodges, Founder and Manager Director of Funding Circle USA. “Meanwhile, investors are struggling to earn an adequate return on fixed income investments. Our mission is to address these two problems.”

About peer-to-peer lending

The burgeoning peer-to-peer asset class has a low correlation to equity and traditional fixed-income investments, and returns on these investments have generally been higher than many other types of fixed-income products. These returns are possible, in part, because the peer-to-peer lending marketplace attracts borrowers underserved by traditional banking sources. This development led to the rise of online peer-to-peer lending platforms that bring together investors and creditworthy borrowers.

About Ranger Specialty Income Fund

The Ranger Specialty Income strategy uses a proprietary artificial intelligence system known as TruSight Technology™ to evaluate, select and invest in many of the peer-to-peer loans in the Ranger Specialty Income Fund portfolio. Developed by Portfolio Manager Gary Melara exclusively for investing in peer-to-peer loans, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms generated by TruSight evaluate data and hundreds of borrower credit fields from the peer-to-peer lending platforms. TruSight algorithms seek to identify the important criteria of loans with the highest potential returns on investment. Ranger Specialty Income’s TruSight Technology and approach to peer-to-peer investing has been actively used for almost four years and has never had a losing month.

For more information about the Ranger Specialty Income Fund, please contact Bill Kassul at 214-871-5270 or bkassul(at)rangercap(dot)com.

About Ranger Capital Group

The Ranger Specialty Income Fund, LP is advised by Ranger Alternative Management II, LP, a registered investment advisor which is affiliated and controlled by Ranger Capital Group. Ranger Capital Group is an employee-owned holding company for registered investment advisors offering traditional and alternative investment opportunities to institutional and high net worth individual investors. Currently, Ranger affiliated investment advisers manage over $ 3 billion in assets. Additional information regarding Ranger Capital Group and its affiliated investment advisers may be obtained on-line at http://www.rangercap.com.

For more information, visit: http://www.rangerspecialtyincome.com


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