Remortgaging your property – The Money Advice Service

When you remortgage you pay off your existing mortgage and switch to another lender. There are good reasons why you might consider remortgaging — not least saving money — but you need to…

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  1. says:

    Remortgaging Boom: Many mortgage borrowers are paying SVR rate mortgage
    after 2-5year mortgage deals revert to Standard Variable Rate payments.
    With a Rise in the Band Of England Base Rate Expected as soon as 2015,
    Brokers have seen a huge increase in the number of new clients looking for
    a remortgage on both Residential and Buy To Let properties. 

  2. Nicholas Bailey says:

    Oh really…..

  3. David Connolly says:

    Very informative. Would be good to see videos for first time buyers – a bit
    like the MAS young driver’s car insurance video

  4. Wyatt Cavalier says:

    This is the bee’s knees!