Selecting your phone cards

On the surface, selecting phone cards seems simple enough. Just decide how much money you have to spend to be able to make the phone calls that you want to and go to a local store and purchase. However, before buying your calling cards you should be aware of how much money will actually be available for the actual calls that you will make and how much will be in surcharges, administration and how much will be charged by rounding up the minutes that you have used.

Many phone card providers will charge for a call by rounding up to the nearest minute or to the nearest ten minutes, and so on. If you make a call which lasts for two minutes and that is rounded up to ten minutes, you will soon run out of calling credit. When you choose a card, check the expiry time as some cards are only valid for a short period, which is no good if you don’t use them very often.

The phone card provider that you make your purchase from should give the details of all charges for each of the calling cards. This enables you to decide which card is the best value, as well as calculate the cost of calls. Here at Planet Phone Cards we give all information of the card values available, the surcharges and VAT you pay. We also give the phone number of our support service in case of difficulty.

A reputable company will also tell you how much charges will be from each phone, whether a payphone, mobile phone or other. The card will be valid to be used from certain types of phone and information should be given for each of the phone cards. Purchasing from a reputable company will make it easier to choose good value calling cards.

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