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Need for Business Cards

A Business card conveys to the world what you are actually into and how the world can reach you? No wonder!! The need for a quality business card is of great significance today. Thus, you have many options to design business cards.

A quality business card can open doors to the world or any place of work. It plays a role of a great presentation of self to the people and that too promptly or without much effort.
The foremost advantage to hold a business card is that it is handy as well as inexpensive. Whenever you meet a colleague or a client, a business card in hand can speak more than the words.

It helps others never to forget person, who was met long time back. It acts as a material reminder for the person, who reads it and immediately gets in touch with the person through his card. Right from making a business presentation or holding conferences or an interview either, all becomes easier with an attractive business card. It is not only self-expression, but it also speaks the profession of a person.

Today every businessperson feels the need to reach the world and to the people whether directly or indirectly related to him. The people may be personally related or the ones, who provide business.

A business card is a unique method of creating an advertisement for your business. It provides complete information of a particular business. Thus, it acts as an informative to develop business relations. It ultimately enhances the growth and success of any business by increasing the customers. Thus, design business cards, which are precise and easy to understand.

Apparently, with so many advantages of a business card, a person would rather like to have an exclusively beautifully designed business card in his pocket. A person, who is into a creative business, can design a card with attractive colors and designs printed on it. It would ultimately speak about the person’s creativity to the world and prospective.

As for others, they can choose a designer to Design Business Cards for them. In fact, there are many methods of designing the cards on your own.

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Are Business Cards Dead?

What is the purpose of business cards for a business in today’s world?

Everyone I meet seems to have one or more cards with their contact details, and some of them don’t even own a business but they like the ease of handing out their contact details to people this way. It seems that cards are now just ‘contact details’ because we have so many ways for people to reach us. Not that long ago we just had to tell them our name and phone number.

Purpose of business cards

When designing your business card do you consider what you want it to do for your business or is it just a small bit of paper that has your contact details on it. Can you truly say that you got a new customer just because of your card design?

If you are handing out your card you get the opportunity to tell them about your business anyway in more detail than a business card can do, and your appearance will mean more to them than your cards.

Isn’t the purpose of a business card to stay in the prospects wallet so they can contact you as soon as they discover the need for your type of product instead of calling your competition.

Business card Graveyard

If your business card doesn’t go straight into their wallet or business card holder it is doomed within 5 minutes to go to the great graveyard with other business cards they have been given. If your card has no importance to the prospect it will be out of mind and pocket by the time they get home.

You would stand more chance of getting customers to keep your contact details by saying ‘Here let me put my number in your phone for you’ instead of handing out your card.

Cards can only say so much

The limited amount of space on a card prevents you from listing how you can help them solve their problems by using your products. There is even a strong internal desire for adding a fancy image or photograph to add visual power to show your greatness and further reducing space for useful content.

Would you do better by handing them a good brochure instead? You would but people feel strange handing someone a brochure instead of a card, yet it would be more meaningful to your business and they are more likely to learn about your business benefits.

What do you think? Have any of your cards ever achieved a customer on their own or should you just put your business cards out of their misery now.

For the record I have been running my businesses for over twenty years without a single card.

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SBI to increase its credit card business

The State Bank of India has said it is back to growing its credit card business after shrinking its card base by 16% and turning around the business. The bank is now targetting the upper-middle class with a Platinum Card that offers a wide range of benefits and has a low-entry barrier.

SBI Card, a 60:40 JV between SBI and GE Capital, was expected to turn around by March 2011 but has managed to turn in a profit in the quarter ended September 2010. The cards company had reported a loss of Rs 321 crore for 2008-09, which included a deferred tax asset write-off of Rs 135 crore on a total income of Rs 757 crore.

Despite the losses, SBI Cards’ pullback has been the least and it has been the fastest to rebound to the growth mode. “The whole industry had seen a 33% drop in the number of cards from 27-28 million to 18 million. Against this, the number for SBI Cards has come down from 3.1 million at its peak level in 2008 to around 2.6 million now,” said State Bank of India chairman OP Bhatt. The bank now plans to issue at least 40,000 cards every month.

But the key difference is that unlike in the past, when cards were sold by marketing agents at petrol pumps, they are now being sold largely to customers at bank branches.

The bank now aims to increase its customers in the high net worth segment, which is more profitable as it is more high-spending and less prone to defaults. The company plans to increase its customer base in the high net worth segment from 5% to over 50%. To achieve this goal, it’s offering a host of benefits with the Platinum Card. These include 10 cash points for every. 100 spent and up to three Kingfisher Airline return air tickets every year.

According to SBI Cards CEO Abhay Kumar Singh, the company has learnt from the industry’s excesses of 2007-08. “There is no mad rush for land grab or market share,” he said, adding that prudent decisions on issuing cards have helped bring down loan losses to single-digit levels.

“Acquiring customers through SBI online branches helps us know the customer far more than we can otherwise. That gives SBI Cards a better understanding of the customer preferences as well as helps us plan the product mix and customer value proposition,” said GE Capital president and CEO Anish Shah.

Mr Bhatt said he expects the central bank to maintain status quo or at best raise rates by 25 basis points in its half-yearly review of its monetary policy. He added that the central bank has a tough choice because even without RBI action, there was tightness in the money markets, but at the same time, inflation had not come down to comfortable levels.

Mr Bhatt said the year-on-year growth in credit for SBI was around 18% and scaling up advances to achieve 20%-plus levels would be tough. Although money markets were witnessing a shortfall in liquidity, the SBI chairman said the bank was comfortably placed. “There was a time when there was a shortage of liquidity. From there, we moved to a position when there was a liquidity overhang. Today, we are in a position where we are just right in terms of liquidity,” he said. He added that any decision on reviewing its lending rates would be based on how their costs of funds move.

SBI, which raised $ 1 billion through an issue of medium-term notes in the second quarter, is now looking at a fresh issue before the end of the year. Mr Bhatt said the bank has not yet finalised the size of its issue, but it was likely to be smaller than the $ 1-billion offering.

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