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Personalised Christmas Cards

The recent down turn, recession, credit crunch, banking crisis – whatever you want to call it definitely affected Christmas card sales in 2008, especially the personalised corporate market. It compounded the already shrinking industry. Over the last five to six years less and less companies have sent Christmas cards, some have simply stopped as they see it as an unnecessary expenditure where as others have sent emails.

Some of the fall out from this reduced market place was more consolidation of the publishers and suppliers with Powell Publishing selling their personalised Christmas card business to CCA Occasions in February of 2009. This followed Taylor Corps purchase of CCA in late 2006 early 2007, which put two of the top three players in the market place together as one company – ‘Fine Impressions’ and ‘CCA’ created ‘CCA Occasions’. Will 2009 force more of the main players to either sell up or come together to keep the industry going – only time will tell?

Taylor Corp’s strategy in the UK market appears to be ‘buy up the competition until we’re the only player left’. Already perceived to have the market share it’ll be interesting to see what happens this year. The unfortunate result of one big player is a reduction of choice for the consumer as the brands get swallowed up, the overall number of Christmas card designs available is reduced. With the best will in the world CCA Occasions will not keep 160 of their own designs, 100 of Fine Impressions and 160 of Powell Publishing’s – they will consolidate the ranges, so there’s duplication across all their publications and brands. As such there will be less consumer choice and more saturation of the CCA Occasion cards.

The main players in the personalised Christmas card market place are,

CCA Ocassions
4c for Charity
Art in Design

Just about everyone else uses the cards produced by the above companies either by license or sales commission. Looking through the top online Christmas cards sites, the majority don’t produce Christmas cards they just sell them on behalf of the above publishers. Other companies produce mail order brochures with a mix of the main publisher’s cards, some do both. All of the main publishers go direct to the consumer as well as selling through a network of independent outlets.

So we’ll have to wait until January 2010 to see if the market continues to shrink and whether there’s further consolidation in this difficult market place. Lets hope Charity Christmas cards survive in omse form or another.

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Business Cards, Business Cards and More Business Cards

There are many things that you put at risk when you venture in a business. One of which is your financial stability. Deciding to join the business world is a gamble which you should be willing to take. Something you can eventually win if you play your cards right. There are many things for you to do to make your business prosper and for you to make you dream come true to become a business mogul one day.

To put this dream into reality, market your business the right way. If you are just starting and you cannot afford to pay a television, radio or even a print advertisement which is truly expensive then opt for something which you can afford. Choose the cheapest and the most effective way that would lift your business on top of the others- Powerful Business Cards.

Making your own business cards which will help promote you business is not that hard. There are many websites which you can visit for you to get an idea on what kind of template to put in. If you wish to have it done at home, make sure that you have your business logo, name of your business plus your name and position. Include your business office address and email address. The font size should be readable enough, pick a color which can attract people once you handed them your card.

To develop your business card ideas, start by creating a simple business tag line. Grab a piece of paper and pen and start to develop a tag line that either captures the essence of your business, or at the very least, is a broad statement of your business vision, your goal, or something which convinces people that you are a leader in your industry. Sometimes called a “motto”, or in more professional circles, a “competency statement”, your tag line should be short, to the point, sometimes catchy, but always memorable.

If you think you are not that creative and art craft is not your forte you can always hire a professional to design your business cards. There are many companies that offer this type of services. As soon as you decide to ask for their help you should talk to them and tell them whats on your mind. You can also bring a draft of your business logo and your business card for that matter and let them do all the graphics design enhancement to make your card more appealing.

A creative or unique card should still pass on the message on the business as effectively as possible. The shape of the card should fit into any wallet easily and not pop out every time the person needs to take out some cash.

Once you have your cards let them do their job. Hand it over to people whenever opportunities arrive. Since it is a way of advertising your business you should be able to give it to present it to people with elegance and substance. Successful businesses mean good marketing strategy and business cards are of great help to lift a business over the others. Do not lose the opportunity of letting people know your business for you to become successful in the near future.

You can look for Business card printing services online, and have a wide range of ideas which you can use in making your own business card. If you want convenience in making your business cards, order plastic business cards online now.

Credit cards with rewards – The truth about the American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card

I remember I did was a credit card rewards, while I can. After all, everyone has at least one of these cards not? I tried to discover the rewards cards, Visa and American Express card prize awards. Which card is best?

The AMEX Gold Card Preferred Rewards Card is burned directly from the otherWater.

– Credit cards with rewards

First, I had no problems with the registration or approved for the Golf Rewards Card Preferred. I went online and fill out an application. The application asked the obvious questions, without the annoying problems that you run all over the world trying to track responses. Once I hit the button ‘Send’, I had my code support in less than 1 minute! In addition to this, my credit cardwas a night-me and I could start immediately.

The thing I like most of the AMEX Preferred Rewards Gold Card is over, I earn a different percentage of premiums, if I spend in various categories. For each dollar you spend, no matter what the category can earn 1 Membership Reward Points. It ‘very easy for me to earn points in briefTime.

– Credit cards with rewards

That was very clear in the first three months of me with the card. After I spent $ 500 American Express gave me an added bonus of 10,000 points. I cashed these points for a $ 100 gift card to American Express. ‘Been so easy. I didn ‘t have to keep track of everything that is American Express is for me.

The American Express is known for its popular customer service. I was treated like a kingevery time I contact them with questions or my account. I’m also taking in the enjoyment of their free application for online account management. This program allows me to track my balance, make payments, etc. all from the comfort of my home and almost immediately after making a purchase



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