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Best Prepaid Credit Card – What You Should Look For

You may have heard of these and asked, “why are they called credit cards if you receive no credit?”  To answer that question and many others, let’s look at them in detail.

Nearly all of the major issuers offer these.  The concept is very simple.  Once you are approved, and nearly everybody regardless of their history is, you get a card in the mail.  It looks identical to a regular one typically with a Visa or MasterCard logo.  It can be used anywhere that Visa & MasterCard are accepted and nobody will know that it is prepaid.

The first thing you have to do is fund it.  The amount of money you deposit in to your account is the amount of money available to you.  You can’t carry a balance, you can’t pay interest or over the limit fees.  To avoid any kind of fee, set up a direct deposit. Also bank transfers, ATM deposits, and even a mailed check can fund it.

Most valuable perks including free bill pay, free direct deposit, balance alerts sent to your e-mail or cell phone, and if you have damaged credit report, your positive payment activities will be reported to the bureaus.

These companies are making money off of each transaction that you make yet still, some companies try to charge annual or monthly fees.  Make sure to do a lot of comparison shopping and find one that is 100% free to be issued and activated.  Some may require that you set up direct deposit in order for it to be free.

As American’s become more conscious of how they borrow money, this card represents one of the safest ways to build positive marks on your report and without the worry of finding yourself in over your head in debt.

Additionally these are a good alternatives for individuals in chexsystem and don’t have a checking account. This is because to cash a check you have to pay a check cashing fee. To pay a bill you must buy a money order. These expenses add up quick. However a good card will let you use direct deposit for free and may have a program to allow you to pay your bills without having to buy money orders.

We suggest the prepaid Account Now Visa it comes with free direct deposit, free bill pay, free activation, free credit builder and guarantees approval – for a complete review visit us or for more information about the Best Prepaid Credit Cards.

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Futurist Jack Uldrich to Address 10 Things We Should Be Thinking About with AgBank

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) September 16, 2014

On September 16th Jack Uldrich, Global Futurist and Best Selling Author, will be addressing AgBank’s District CFO Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. Uldrich will be discussing the “10 Things We Should Be Thinking About.”

When it comes to finance Uldrich says, “Banking executives need to become what I call ‘Exponential Executives.’ That is, leaders who understand that as impressive as past technological advances have been—the ATM, online banking, and mobile banking, etc.,—they are just the beginning.

Banking interactions will continue to evolve as customers’ physical and virtual worlds become intertwined, and social networks and mobile platforms will transform customers’ banking experiences and expectations. Still other advances will create an environment where a premium is placed on unconventional thinking and risk-taking.”

A highly acclaimed futurist and trend expert, Uldrich has spoken all over the world to a variety of industries and organizations. Among the topics and trends Uldrich will discuss with AgBank audience members are precision agriculture, prescriptive planting, 3D manufacturing, wearable technology, robotics, the “Internet of Things,” genomics, nanotechnology, peer-to-peer lending, collaborative consumption and “Big Data.”

Uldrich has delivered presentations to such notable clients as Verizon Wireless, the AMA, PepsiCo, Bausch and Lomb, United Healthcare, as well as hundreds of Agricultural Groups all over the world including Novozymes, Land O’Lakes, Ag Gateway, FS Agronomy, Canada’s Agricultural Adaptation Council, the California Ag Summit, and the 2014 PMA, among others. His writings include “The Next Big Thing is Really Small: How Nanotechnology Will Change the Future of Your Business” and “Into the Unknown: Leadership Lessons from Lewis & Clark’s Daring Westward Expedition.”

Parties interested in learning more about Jack Uldrich, his books, his daily blog or his speaking availability are encouraged to visit his website. Media wishing to know more about the event or interviewing Jack can contact Amy Tomczyk at (651) 343.0660.

Jack Uldrich is a renowned global futurist, technology forecaster, best-selling author, and editor of the monthly newsletter, The Exponential Executive.

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