Want to Avoid Student Loans? Sell Your Future.

Economist Daniel Altman acknowledges that the student loan industry in the United States is a disaster. The obvious solution of government intervention by wa…

25 Responses to Want to Avoid Student Loans? Sell Your Future.

  1. Ozrictentacle says:

    No. The whole system needs restructuring. Selling your future or putting a
    price tag on your future career sounds pretty grim to me. And there are
    both moral and practical problems with that position. I suspect that the
    way forward is to reevaluate the way we view education. It shouldn’t just
    be a product. Sweden, Scotland, Finland, Norway and other countries have
    fine educational systems without overflowing students with debt. What they
    did can be done almost everywhere. But there’s no political will.

  2. Aaron Dean says:

    I do not think this is a good idea. “Sell[ing] Your Future” sounds a bit
    like slavery to me.

  3. Nilguiri says:

    Who the hell is this clown of the earth? What a disgusting idea. The state
    should provide education, paid for by TAXES. It is an investment in the
    future of any civilized country. We should tax the rich, not sell the youth
    into indentured servitude. 

  4. Tobias says:

    Wouldn’t investors attempt to influence the people they’ve invested in?
    This could go wrong on so many levels 

  5. ChipArgyle says:

    Swamping every student with debt by selling them overpriced and frankly,
    largely worthless avenues of education, is just another way of ensuring a
    lifetime of financial servitude for the masses. It’s a way to control you.

    Here’s a better idea. Forget student loans altogether and go get a trade
    that’s in demand instead. A financially wise plumber or industrial welder
    can wind up with more assets in his lifetime than a general practitioner
    doctor will have.

  6. Shootingstarr says:

    oh, so bailing out students would create moral ambiguity?

    good thing banks are not students, right?

  7. Miroslav Kovar says:

    I can’t believe what I just heard come out of his mouth. This is
    disgusting. Education shlould be free!

  8. SMMsideproject says:

    Explain to me how this WOULDN’T exploit students? Someone who is heavily
    invested in a student isn’t going to take kindly to them changing their
    major from corporate law to poetry, and would easily be able to hold the
    threat of divestment (and of course future crippling student loans now that
    said investor has sold his or her shares) over the student’s head. So, in
    reality, the principle investor is able to impose his or her will on the
    student in order to protect his or her own monetary interests.

    Of course, no matter that the student rather be a poor poet and live
    frugally but happy, it is in the investors’ best interests that the student
    end up with a job that pays very well, regardless of how the student might
    feel about having said job.

  9. Joseph Hourany says:

    Would these investors also get a share of any income that student made
    outside of their profession? So if a lawyer bought real-estate and had a
    second source of income would they get a cut of that? What if that student
    files taxes with their spouse would they take a percentage of both of their
    income? This idea seems extremely flawed. 

  10. Mikey Mike Mikey says:

    What happened to big think? Just loads of American right-wing rhetoric.
    This like arguing a new form indentured labour.

  11. Chloe Lightfoot says:

    I don’t like the idea of people betting on my future for their own profit.
    I don’t like the idea of people earning money because I was born to a lower
    class and have to borrow my money from their massive stockpile at interest.
    I believe in human rights. Water, food, shelter, mentorship– if you don’t
    have them, come to me and I will try to provide– if I don’t have them, I
    guess I’m not worth being alive according to economists.

  12. ninjahobo1510 says:

    Ideally the US should have college paid for through taxes so anyone can go
    to college. However, given that we don’t have that this seems like a better
    alternative to getting loans. People in the comments relate it to slavery,
    but both ways (loaning and investing) you are going to have to pay off the
    money you own for a long time. Investing in a person’s future is just the
    better of the two options.

  13. Anju Maaka says:

    I would like to propose that you do it like they do in Sweden.
    Education is free (while you can enter a private university, there aren’t
    very many of those and they who want to do so normally enters a university
    in another country).
    The goverment gives some money to everyone who is studying, not enough to
    live on unless you’re living with your parents but it’s a decent amount.
    And if you’re living on your own you can take a loan from the goverment
    which has a very low interest and unless you find a job I think you don’t
    have to start paying it off for like 5 years after you graduate (so you
    have a chance to get a job even in bad times).
    Comments please!

  14. bdjoe3 says:

    If school was free industry would plummet because nobody would work in a
    factory, or at McDonald’s, or any of the conveniences that people use every
    day, except for the people that had kids at 16.

  15. Ihavetwoears says:

    How about,making the education free,did you think about it.
    These “ideas” of yours are disgusting,always for profit of those who have
    it (the money)

  16. dandil says:

    so its ok to bail out banks that demolish the world economy, but we
    shouldn’t dare to bail out students seeking an education to be contributing
    members of the work force. thanks economists. what wretched scum

  17. Blackwater Park says:

    damn capitalism -.-

  18. GrandMagusDK says:

    I’d rather pay off a set sum then whoring myself out idefinitly.

    How about we make make the education not so absurdly expensice? Other
    countries in the word seem to do it fine, even ones that have lower GDP and
    higher social expenses.

  19. Second says:

    By making loans, doesn’t it mean we are “selling our future” already?

  20. Drrck11 says:

    FYI: You’re future has already been sold. Its called Taxes and registering
    with Selective Service. Oh, and then there is this thing called…a

  21. redstate86 says:

    We need to stop paying for people who don’t contribute and invest in our
    education like china. Think about how much better we would be if every
    student could go to any college paid for with our tax dollars. 

  22. Will Ferrous says:

    this is [C] all over again.

  23. FRANK SNIPES says:

    Umm.. Fuck that that’s slavery