XD Memory Cards Explained

The xD memory card is an ultra-compact removable memory media designed for digital cameras with the capability of storing an impressive 8GB of data. xD (Extreme Digital) memory cards, also known as xD picture cards, offer both high transfer speeds and a high capacity required to meet the demands of modern technology. This particular memory card was developed by Fujifilm and Olympus to provide the storage required by new camera technologies which are advancing all the time. xD memory cards are more economical and save on battery life as they have low power consumption in comparison to other flash memory cards.

If you are looking for a flash memory card that supports high resolution images then the xD picture card offers the quality and capacity required. The xD memory card excels itself over competing brands such as compact flash, memory sticks and MicroDrives by enabling you to store vast amounts of high quality data and is compatible with most manufacturers xD devices. There are two main types of xD Card; type M and type M+, which are designed to keep your photos, movies and other files secure until you can transfer them on to a computer or other device. The type M+ xD picture card is faster than the type M card and is compatible with most digital cameras. The xD memory card boasts quality and reliability for both the amateur and professional photographer.

The xD format currently competes in the removable memory market with Secure Digital (SD), CompactFlash (CF), and Sony’s Memory Stick. SD cards are generally considered the market leader, supporting much larger memory sizes than the xD format, as well as being much cheaper to purchase. It is generally a good idea to buy xD cards only if you have an Olympus or Fujifilm product, otherwise SD is likely to be better value.

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